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Lasers are a valuable tool for many modern medical treatments, and in the field of foot care, they offer an ideal solution to the problem of toenail fungus. If you have yellow, thickening toenails, call specialist podiatric clinic Foot Care 2 You, with convenient branches in West Orange, Toms River, Elmwood Park, and Bloomfield, New Jersey. You could well have a toenail fungus, but with advanced laser treatment, this unsightly condition is easily curable. Call Foot Care 2 You today to schedule a consultation, or book your appointment using the online form.

Laser Treatments

How is laser treatment used in podiatry?

The main use for lasers in podiatry is for treating toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is an infection that makes your toenails turn yellow and thicken, and may make them uncomfortable. It’s an unsightly condition most often caused by the onychomycosis fungus, which likes to live in warm, dark, damp conditions like the inside of your shoes.

You can pick up toenail fungus from anywhere that other people who already carry the infection might walk around barefoot, like a swimming pool, for example. Toenail fungus can also develop if you have athlete’s foot and the infection then spreads to the nail.

Although toenail fungus isn’t a serious condition in itself, it can leave your feet vulnerable to bacterial infection, which could be far more of a worry.

This is especially true if you have diabetes or any other condition that causes a reduction in blood flow or reduced feeling in the feet. For this reason, even if you aren’t bothered about the appearance of toenail fungus, you should visit Foot Care 2 You and undergo laser treatment.

What happens during a laser treatment session?

Lasers use highly focused beams of light energy. This light energy travels through your toenail to the toe underneath, killing the fungus even when it’s in the deeper tissues beneath the nail.

The laser beam doesn’t cause any damage to your feet, toes, or toenails, and the laser device comes with temperature monitoring to make sure you feel minimal or no discomfort during your laser treatment. You won’t need any anesthetic, and there’s no downtime after your laser treatment.

Your podiatrist directs the laser beam across the affected nail until it reaches the right temperature to kill the nail fungus. Then the heat cuts out, and cooling is applied to the nail. The entire process lasts about 20 minutes, and most patients need to attend three laser treatment sessions for optimal results.

How long does it take for laser treatment to work?

The laser kills the toenail fungus instantly, and after three sessions, there shouldn’t be any living fungus left. However, the old yellow toenail needs to grow out before it becomes clear again, which could take up to 12 months for some patients.

The good news is you can apply nail polish to your nails straight after the laser treatment if you wish.

For a fast, simple solution to toenail fungus, visit Foot Care 2 You for laser treatment. Call today or book your appointment online.




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